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Wrigleyville’s Development Throughout the Years

By Ben DiVito and Willie Summers Lieutenant Jaime Martinez of Chicago Fire Engine 78 has had a unique perspective on the physical and cultural changes on Wrigleyville. Fire Engine 78 is stationed along Waveland Avenue across from Wrigley Field’s left-field bleachers.  He brought up an interesting point when he was asked about the biggest changeContinue reading “Wrigleyville’s Development Throughout the Years”

Google Trends: Iran Surpasses Trump; Ricky Gervais Soars Above Joaquin Phoenix

By Willie Summers IRAN GOOGLE SEARCHES INCREASE AMIDST CHAOS President Donald Trump has dominated the web in Google searches within the U.S. since his candidacy announcement in 2015. Iran has never passed the amount of searches that Trump has received until recently. According to an analysis of search data within Google Trends in the U.S.,Continue reading “Google Trends: Iran Surpasses Trump; Ricky Gervais Soars Above Joaquin Phoenix”

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